The Thomas Hardye School

College Competitions and Rewards

This is an integral part of school life.
Recognition of student achievement takes many forms.

College Sports


1.     Badges, stickers, stamps, postcards

These will continue to be awarded for good consistent work on a daily basis and given out by individual teachers and subject areas.

2.     Customised postcards for students

Postcards will be sent home for high quality work from subject areas and from the college team for excellent contributions and superb reviews..

3.     College tokens

Tokens are awarded by teachers and recorded on SIMS. They are given out for the following:

Students producing excellent work
Students making excellent contributions in class
Students making a concerted, consistent improvement in behaviour
Students winning a game / quiz activity in lesson
Superb extra-curricular involvement (nominated by responsible teacher) = 5 tokens
100% attendance in a half term = 5 tokens
Head of College awards = 5 tokens

4. Individual prizes

At the end of each half term the total number of tokens for each student is totalled up. The top 10 students in each year group are then offered a reward trip. Each one of these will vary over the course of the year. These run after school with parental permission after each half term.

5.College competitions

All tokens also contribute to the college competitions

6. Sports ties

Sports Ties are awarded to pupils who show two years commitment towards a specific team. This means attendance at all training sessions so that the most committed sports men and women are awarded.


College competitions

There are four specific trophies with competitions running throughout the academic year.

“Token Trophy”

This is awarded at the end of the year to the college which has received the most tokens over the course of the year.

Token Trophy

2016-17 Winners - Trenchard


“Scholars Cup”

This is awarded to the college that wins the most academic competitions over the course of the year. This will include competitions in each subject area

Scholar Cup

2016-17 Winners - Stratford


“Sports Cup”

This awarded to the college with the most points in a whole host of sporting activities. Some of these will be competitions in tutor groups, colleges, and take part in lunchtime and after school. This also includes results of Sports Day.

Sports Trophy

2016-17 Winners - Stratford


“Quiz Cup”

This is awarded to the college with the best record in the weekly quiz. Every Friday morning during registration there is a quiz sent out. The top 3 tutor groups from each year group, primarily based on correct answers, but also time if necessary. These scores are totalled up for each tutor group and then each college.

Quiz Trophy

2016-17 Winners - Napier


These four strands of competitions then go towards the overall…..

"College Cup"

This is awarded to the college which is the overall winner when all four of the above trophies are combined

College Trophy

2016-17 Winners - Trenchard