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Sixth Form American Exchange

New for 2017/18 the Thomas Hardye Sixth Form have committed to the long-term development and success of an international educational exchange. This new partnership with Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School aims to;

  • provide an internationally-based educational experience.
  • provide insight into American vs. British schooling and culture.
  • provide enriched global learning experiences.
  • to enhance a higher education application.
  • support the further acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes conducive to academic success.
  • provide individual mentoring support.
  • encourage self-discipline, self-motivation and self-direction in learning.
  • develop the capacity for productive collaboration in working alongside others from the global community in the achievement of individual goals.
  • provide a supportive, yet rigorous and challenging learning environment.
  • help gain an understanding of the responsibilities/demands that membership in a fast changing 21st century global society will bring.

The Exchange is a two-part experience. Mechanicsburg students will travel to England in the summer of 2018 for a 14-day visit. They will spend time with their Hardye’s exchange partner’s host family in the local school area, with the remainder of the time spent touring sites of educational value and interest in Dorset, Bath and London.  Year 12 students selected for the exchange will then travel to America in the autumn of 2018 and will spend time with Host family in the local school area, with the remainder of the time spent touring sites of educational value and interest ending with a 2 night stay in New York.

Students who wish to apply for the exchange programme must be currently in Year 12. Students will be asked to complete an application form. Due to the anticipated high demand for this exchange programme, applications will be supported by teacher recommendations and applicants will be shortlisted for interviews. Following the interviews, the strongest candidates will be entered into a draw for the final 12 places (with 2 reserves).

The cost of the Exchange will be approximately £1800 including all travel expenses as well as the hotel stay and experiences in New York.  This price may go up slightly once final travel arrangements are made (due to exchange rates, fuel costs, etc).  Host families will assume basic room and board expenses for the time that the students are in Mechanicsburg. Spending money will be the responsibility of the individual student and £300 is recommended. Final costs will be provided once the final 12 students are confirmed. Students in receipt of Bursary are encouraged to apply; upon acceptance they should discuss financial need with Mrs Bousfield.

Important Dates

  • Launch assembly 1st December 2017
  • Application Form deadline 14th December 2017
  • Interviews January 2018
  • Final 12 places confirmed 1st February 2018
  • Initial deposit to secure place 9th February 2018 (Payment in full by July 2018)
  • The Mechanicsburg students are scheduled to visit England departing on 8 June 2018 and returning home on 20 June 2018.
  • Hardye’s students are scheduled to visit America departing 19 October 2018 and returning 30 October 2018.

Download Application Form (Word File)

Download Application Form (PDF)

Download Information Leaflet (PDF)

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