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Student Union Election

The 2016 THS SU election was quite exciting. We had four candidates for the Female President and 6 for the Male President.  These were Laura Barrett, Ruby Crook-English, Phoebe Scott, Jemma Stanford and John Daniel, Finn Gayton, Ken Kirkley, Jake Perkins, Calvin Schafer.

The Female Presidency was won by Ruby who is a Year 12 student fresh in from Australia this year. However, there were no losers as the other female candidates have taken on roles as vice presidents and are helping Ruby to shape the future of the Union.

The Male Presidency election was even more exciting as there was a dead heat between John (JJ) Daniels and Calvin Schafer both Year 13 students. So another election was called and this time though still quite close JJ managed to secure the majority vote. JJ joined our Year 12 from Millfield school in Somerset. The other male candidates have all accepted vice president roles and are in the process of accepting roles.

For the first time in the history of Student Union elections, two student presidents were elected having joined from other schools. The student union is pressing to do lots of things and are working together to provide a vibrant and inclusive Sixth Form for all the students. They are in the process of organising a Well-being week, promoting healthy mind and body. There has already been a Movie Night and there are plans for more.



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