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How to Revise

We strongly believe that high quality active revision is vital for students to enjoy real success within their examinations.  This year the sixth form has produced a quick guide to help students get started with their revision and twelve revision techniques postcards to encourage students to try a wider range of techniques in order to discover the most effective methods for them.

For us a student revising for exams is much like an athlete in training for a competition. Training is tailored closely to the requirements of the competition ahead. Athletes maintain and capitalise on their strengths, yet work on areas of weakness to achieve overall. Training volume is essential but includes planned recovery time to prevent ‘burn out’. If these ideas are applied to revision a successful outcome is more likely.

However, we do recognise that revision, studying again something that has been previously studied in order to better understand it and subsequently pass an exam, is a difficult skill to master. We hope that our ‘How to Revise’ resources will support students into acquiring and refining these skills more easily.


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