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Physical Education


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Set Workout (20th April) (PPT)

30 Day Home Workout (PDF)

PE Glossary of Terms (PDF)

Components of Fitness Worksheet (Word)

Components of Fitness (PowerPoint)


Year 12 A Level links

Open University section on Sport Psychology- acrreditation can be gained for this module-

Past Paper questions on T Drive - Lessons\PE\A LEVEL FOLDER
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Lesson outlines for Mr.Bendall Year 12 PE

Each lesson is suggested with the accompanying powerpoint.

The questions are on the T drive. Try to study as you would at school days/times.

See you soon hopefully!

Outline of work AS PE (Word)

Preparation & Training (PPT)



OCR exam board

BTEC Resources

Zig Zag Resources are now available on the T Drive (access by your student logon via Remote Desktops or Next Cloud)

T:/PE/1.GCSE Resources during school closure

Sample Exam Papers


1.       Attempt each exam paper

2.       Check answers with attached markscheme.(MS)

3.       This will take you up to Easter.

4.       I will then attach a plan for the summer term’s work.

Mr Bendall

Unit 1 Jan 2018
Unit 1 Jan 2018 MS
Unit 1 Jan 2019
Unit 1 Jan 2019 MS
Unit 1 Jan 2020
Unit 1 June 2017
Unit 1 June 2017 MS
Unit 1 June 2018
Unit 1 June 2018 MS




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