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All Geography Remote Learning work is located on the Portal


Year 9
A “Cool Geography” set of 6 activities can be found on the Geography School Portal. Students should print worksheets where required and complete activities at home. Please read the task instructions document before working through the activities.

Year 10
As part of the Resource Management topic, Year 10 Geographers can find a workbook that will guide them through the energy section of this topic. This workbook links to the “Internet Geography” website, which is full of videos/quizzes and supporting materials. Both textbook chapters for this section have also been scanned in for students to use as supporting documents.

 The department have now created a Youtube tutorial channel in support of this workbook. Find us on YouTube as “THS Geog”.

Year 11
On the School Portal, Year 11 students can find a “Geog On” pack of resources. This includes links to articles, podcasts, documentaries and recommended films that aim to continue students’ geographical interest. Please read the introduction document before opening other resources.

All students are best to start with the “Developing as a Geographer” document, which covers general geographical interest.

Those looking to continue their studies into A Level should also look ahead to their A Level topics within the Physical Geography and Human Geography folders. These resources will be available from Monday 1st April. It is recommended that these students do take a record of their learning (see Cornell system of note taking).


Year 12

24/03/20: Students have been emailed with a link which will allocate them a FREE e-textbook. Students must follow this link and sign up to the Dynamic Learning system in order to access their AQA A Level textbook, which they will have access to for 1 year.

26/03/20: Students have been emailed information regarding the use of “Class Workspaces” on the School Portal. This will provide the main hub of communication between classes and their Geography teachers.

The CAT assessment system has commenced remotely (via OneNote). Students will be set a CAT fortnightly as usual. The first CAT was set on 25/03 and is due on Wednesday 1st April. All CATs can be found on the School Portal.

Physical Geography (Coasts) and Human Geography (Global Systems) activities and lessons have all been uploaded for students to follow on the Geography School Portal. From Wednesday 1st April, the Hazards module lessons will begin to be uploaded by staff, with a remote learning workbook for students to complete. Students are being set weekly expectations/deadlines by their geography teachers.


Year 13

Students have been emailed a list of resources to continue their lifelong learning in Geography.

We have also recommended that any students looking to continue studying Geography at University watch recently uploaded videos from the Youtube Channel “The Curious Geographer”, to give them tips and guidance on how to continue their learning during school closure.





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