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Year 12 Economics:
Use the econplusdal revision booklets and revisit the content from theme 1 and the beginning of theme 3. Use this guide to go through future theme 3 topics.
Those with knowledge books can work through questions from theme 1 and the topics we have covered from theme 3.
Complete the case study research tasks on ‘The great depressions and the financial crisis’ and ‘The financial sector’
Revisit previous lesson content using the T:drive area for economics.
Students can use Ezyeconomics to access tutorial and assessment activities on all areas of the economics specification.
Use Tutor2U economics blog and the BBC website to follow current economic news.

Year 13 Economics
Use the T drive area to access the final topic areas from theme 4. These are 4.4 and 4.5. Complete the Financial markets case study.
Past papers and mark schemes are available on the T drive
Ezyeconomics is available for all aspects of the course.



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